The Crunchy Bunch crafts wholesome and hearty bowls, salads and toast bars. Whether pickles, proteins or breakfast bakes, everything we make is seasonally inspired and made from scratch.

want a Satisfying and crowd-pleasing meal? Get in touch for your office Breakfast, lunch, meeting, party or event!


We aim to please everyone at the table. Your group is unique so each meal is endlessly customizable.  


Crunchy bunch at home

Our bright, wholesome and hearty meals are now available for you and yours at home. Get our bowl or bake of the moment plus any fun sides. Feed yourself or your whole family with a well rounded meal but no stress or mess. We are excited to bring crunch into your life!

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The crunchy bunch is located in Chicago, IL. Follow us on social media to see what we're cooking up today!


we care about the environment. We use local ingredients whenever possible and highlight what is fresh and in season now. OUR trays ARE BIODEGRADABLE.